Green Chalk™

                                                                                                                     A 360 degree subscription based solution for schools

Green Chalk™, a software platform which can empower the region's education system. Green Chalk™ will be providing a platform for the schools, parents and students. Green Chalk™ will evolve into a complete system based on customer requirement. You no longer needs to adapt to a software system, where in Green Chalk ™ will adapt itself for you. Next features you may required to incorporate are decided on the basis of the feedback from customer. The question we ask is, does this solve your problem ? Is there anything else we can do better ?                                                                                                    

      How it works?

  • 360 degree solution for schools
  • Online Admission Management with online application and admission fee collected via payment gateway
  • Smart Kid Transportation Management system including GPS tracking
  • Two way communication module with parents and school
  • 360 degree fees management solution such as online payments via payment gate way, fee rule set up, projection, due list, MIS, CASH Counter management system for visiting parents/cash payments
  • Academic Management
  • SMS and automated call integration for over due payments, admission status changes, other important information. 

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