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SGI focuses mainly on business specific solutions. The use of technology to manage the resources and deliverables at a school is rewarding if it is beneficial in multiple ways. GREEN CHALK™ is a cloud based program with an innovative user response system using the latest technology with zero initial set up. 

Our R & D wing trained with management business process is doing researches day  by day to increase the profit and productivity of corporates. Our clients are happy with the current implementation as they are in track of the business going around them. We have deployed our R&D team to different companies across the world to study the most modern business crisis and its influence on management. This will be forecasted to the management through MIS reports.

Different companies use different software for specific purposes. Our system is a revolutionary solution which integrates all those different modules into one. Our system do posses a brain. Feels funny? But its true, the Business Intelligence concept is used on our ERP systems.



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